Welcome to Vanessa’s Choice!

I’m a Nutritional Therapist (CNHC and BANT registered) with a BSc in Nutritional Medicine and a Diploma in Phytotherapy (herbs) and over the years I have developed a growing passion for natural skin and hair care, perfumes and balms, alongside my role in helping others to achieve optimum health and well-being through nutrition. This passion led me to set up my own natural and organic boutique. I am delighted that Vanessa’s Choice has been given a Platinum Award by best selling author and broadcaster, Janey Lee Grace for ‘ Outstanding Service and Range of Natural Products’

I handpick natural products for Vanessa’s Choice and everything has been tested by me (or sometimes friends, family and my Nutritional Therapy clients if more suited to their skin type than mine). The brands on Vanessa’s Choice are very carefully chosen. They are varied in price (to suit every pocket) and also in the level of organic ingredients they use but importantly, all are without the most potentially damaging chemicals found in most mainstream face, hair and body products.

As the skin absorbs into the bloodstream some of what we put onto it, it surely makes sense to avoid skin products which can combine to create a cocktail of toxic chemicals. With my background in health, I believe in minimising the amount of potentially harmful ingredients we put into our bodies wherever possible. Fortunately, natural products can be highly effective, as well as lovely to use, and I am excited to have gathered together a group of brands with integrity and that can also meet our modern skincare needs. Part of the Vanessa’s Choice philosphy is to offer an advice service on what to choose for your individual skincare needs. You can do this by phone or e-mail and I will be happy to help.

If you are interested in improving your skin from the inside through diet, or have a health concern that may be helped through Nutritional Therapy, then please visit www.wellbeingandnutrition.co.uk